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Lisa Curtiss looks at the auto world’s record breakers, new releases and quirky concepts

More Grrr for GT-R

Nissan’s latest model packs an even bigger punch

Nissan has beefed up its flagship GT-R – the dream car of boy-racers in the know worldwide – with more power, improved aerodynamics and fresh design features. The new model sees power from the V6 twin-turbo engine jump to 530 PS at 6,400rpm, delivering an impressive maximum torque of 612Nm. The ride and handling have been improved thanks to greater downforce, modified shocks, breaks and more aerodynamic bumper and grille openings, while new colours and trim features enhance the interior.

The ‘no extra cost’ specification list remains strong, with Premium Connect HDD satellite navigation, Bose stereo system, iPod connectivity, hard-drive music storage, Bluetooth phone connection, 20in alloy wheels, run-flat tyres and individual climate control air con. Available to order now from around €75,000.

True-blue winner

Passat BlueMotion beats world record

A Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest distance travelled by a standard-production passenger car on one tank of fuel. The three-day journey involved driving from southern England to the south of France and back. The BlueMotion only ran out of fuel close to Calais, after covering 2,456.87km.

Powered by VW’s 1.6-litre 105 PS common rail TDI engine, the record-breaking motor features a raft of efficiency-improving modifications including an aerodynamic package, lowered ride height, stop/start system, longer gearing and low-rolling resistance tyres – resulting in overall fuel consumption of 144.5km per gallon.

Sporting chance

Citroën/Lacoste concept car is a slice of French fun

Citroën has unveiled a quirky collaboration with Lacoste. Check out the bizarre inflatable roof, golf ball-style alloys, bulging textured wings, acid colours and absence of doors. Drawing on Lacoste’s sporting heritage, it can also be fitted with specially designed sports equipment.


1-27 London to Cape Town Rally, London – South Africa
13-16 Autosport International Show, Birmingham, UK
15-23 89th European Motor Show, Brussels

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