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Isabel Lane takes a look at the designers bringing a new twist to recycling


Something old, something new
Repurposed works that proudly display their origins

Producing work from recycled products is nothing unusual, but the latest wave of recycled design seems to display more wit and verve than its sometimes dry predecessors. The new approach embraces the recycled aesthetic either by celebrating and proudly brandishing an item’s former life, or by mimicking it.

Leading the charge is the Gymnasium range of cabinets by ethical Danish company Mater. Launched in 2008 and originally constructed from old gym floors, the mass-produced series is now made from renewable pine and controlled oak, with the colourful silhouettes of the gym court recreated on the wood. Finnish design company Muuto, meanwhile, has released a sleek, utilitarian dining table called Keep, which proudly reveals its construction from leftover wood blocks held together by metal bands. And the recycled look is really shining in lighting design, from British designer Lee Broom’s pendants resembling golden and crystal decanters to the ‘Bogracs’ enamelled light from Hungarian duo A plus Z Design, which is based on the traditional outdoor cooking pots used by Gypsies. So, think twice before you chuck out that old pan…

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